Web-Player not visible any more

Hi there,

Today I noticed, that the podlove webplayer is gone or not visible anymore on my wordpress-page.
I changed nothing on the settings.

I am using the shortcode: [podlove-template template="default"] on all posts. for example here:

The Player should be between the Subscripe-Button and the Download-Buttons.

Wordpress-version is 4.9.6 but the podlove-plugins are all up-to-date.

Does someone has a idea, what went wrong here?

This is at the end of your html: <!-- WP Super Cache is installed but broken. The path to wp-cache-phase1.php in wp-content/advanced-cache.php must be fixed! -->

It’s also at the end of web player config files, like this one https://www.couch-entertainment.de/spr079-jurassic-vampyr-is-strange/?podlove_action=pwp4_config, which makes them invalid. You need to fix your caching plugin and exclude these URLs from caching. For example by excluding URLs with keyword pwp4_config

Interessting… never heard of it, but I found it in the “Drop-ins” Section of wordpress.
I will look into it, thanks for the directions :wink:

I will report as soon as I had a look.

Hi Eric,

same here:
Player is not visible on the main page, but it is visible in the Post (https://motofunk.ru/1217). Versions two and three are working well, but not version four. Have an idea, what i can do?
thanks alot!
greetings, sowikus

I looked into some file, but I don’t know what is exactly is broken and how I have to fix this cache-thing.

But I set the line “WP_CACHE” in the wp-config.php to false, which fixed the problem with the not loading player.
So far so good. But I have to see, if this effects something else on my page.

But I am still searching for a fix for the cache.

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