Web player Theming


while googling the web for information about the themability of the web player I came across this site: http://sourcerer.org

This does look like a playground for the web player and it looks quite different to the theme that is shipped currently.

my question is: is there any documentation about how the player can be themed? I’d like too some customization to integrate it into a custom Wordpress theme.


What you’re looking at is the playground for Web Player 3.0.

You can style the current 2.0 player using CSS. http://customplayer.webgeplapper.de/ provides an example and some UI for customization.

oh, alright, thanks. how far has 3.0 development come yet? Maybe it’s a good idea to start using this already as it will take another month or so until the custom theme is ready.

We don’t have a release scheduled yet.

Can I exchange buttons? I want to exchange the playbutton with a variation of my logo. Is this possible, and if yes how?

any news on that? Github says there haven’t been any commits during the last months? Is this project still alive anyway?

No news to share. We all try to move things forward. Since most of us spend their spare time on Podlove, there are times when nothing happens, and other times when a lot happens at once.