Webplayer 5: Displaying actual Show Title when using Show module

When using the “Shows” Module, the webplayer will still display the title of the whole podcast as “show title”. Is there another template string to use if I want to display the show title as used with the show module? Naming is a little confusing there as well…

Same goes for the shownotes area, where it is also displayed. Is there a way to edit the shownotes-template?

Thanks for your help.
Greetings, Lukas

The Shows integration is meant for a season approach. Right now it doesn’t consider the show title/image/description. Still I will investigate if that is possible.

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ok. Well in the Publisher there is actually a distinct module for seasons and one for shows, so it is a different thing at least there.
It would in any case be very useful to be able to display a custom sting, coming from a wordpress custom field or the show or season module or the like.

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