Webplayer isn't displaying

We were using the version 4 so far but somehow with the new update it seems to have some bugs - always claiming “Media file not available” so we changed to 5 - however now we are facing a bigger issue it simply won’t show the webplayer at all. Did anyone have similar issues? Is there a solution for it? (We use the automatic display at the start of the post and not embeding code)

It sounds a bit like this:

Can you share a link so we can get some more details aroudn the issue?

@zusatzstoff: Yes of course https://www.breakingparadigms.org/walkablecity/ this is the page where we noticed it but it doesn’t work on any of our episodes - (for now we embedded Spotify and Youtube to bridge the problem)

@mavek : it seems so, thanks for sharing! But it doesn’t display anything not the shortcode or any other coding - and even when inserting the [podlove-episode-web-player] it doesn’t load - it seems like something is missing in between - I will post it in that convo as well!


it seems like that there is code that prohibits the native Wordpress REST calls to work. Some themes or maybe plugins block the calls.

{"code":"rest_cannot_access","message":"DRA: Only authenticated users can access the REST API.","data":{"status":401}}