Webplayer missing after update to version 5.2.7

the webplayer is not shown any more since I updated to version 5.2.7.

I have a multisite setup with several themes, problem exists on all sites, regardless which theme it is.

Sebastian already helped me identifying that there are several parts of the URL missing:
is: https://www.zotzmann-koch.comembed.js/?ver=5.2.7
should be: https://www.zotzmann-koch.com/wp-content/plugins/podlove-web-player/web-player/embed.js?ver=5.2.7

I’m not sure, which version I had before, but I usually keep the plugins up to date, so should have been the latest stable version.

Please let me know, if I can help with more info, I’m happy to look up more of the setup.


Thanks for the response. Seems like I broke something in the v5.2.7 upgrade. I will investigate.

It works, when exchanging the /wp-content/plugins/podlove-web-player/includes/class-podlove-web-player-options.php to the old version. Thanks to Sebastian, I could fix it this way.

Yes I had to fix a bug in this file and encountered an regression :confused:

oh dear. :confused:

Sorry for the inconvenience, I rolled back the fix. Unfortunately Wordpress options are one of the crappiest solutions for persisting data :roll_eyes: Anyways, thank you very much for the short notice!