Website only content on episode page

Hi everyone :hugs:,

I’m currently using the episode’s content for my show notes (checked “Include HTML Content” in my feed settings). It works as expected. Now, I’m wondering if (and how) I can add some content to the episode page, that is only displayed on the website but not added to the show notes.

My use case: I got transcripts for all episodes but without contributor or timing information (plain text, not in VTT format). I’d like to add them to each episode page to be indexed by search engines without them being included in the show notes.

I imagine that I will need to uncheck “Include HTML Content” in my feed settings to use the episode content for the website only, but where instead do I add my rich-text show notes then? Or is there another way?

Thanks for any help! And for podlove in general - I love it! :star_struck:

All good! I got it working by just adding a custom field “transcription” and rendering it in my template below the content with

<?php if (post_custom('transcription')): ?>
<details class="wp-block-details">
    <p><?php echo nl2br(post_custom('transcription')) ?></p>
<?php endif; ?>