Weird behaviour Player not shown in all templates

I use a custom-built landingpage for all of my blogs: Only the latest episode has a player on that page, several other episodes are just represented with a link. That worked great until I updated to 2.10.0 - now the player isn’t displayed on the landing page, but on single pages. Here is the template code of the landing page:

{% for episode in podcast.episodes({limit:'16'}) %}
{% if loop.first %}
<h1><span style="font-size:0.4em">Neueste Episode:</span> <br /><a href="{{ episode.url }}">{{ }}</a></h1>
<p>{{ episode.summary }}</p>
<p> </p>
{{ episode.player }}
{% endif %}

and here the one for single pages:

{% if not is_feed() %}
{{ episode.player }}
{% endif %}

Basically it is the same call for the player, only difference is that I use a for-loop on the landing page and a if-thingy on the single page. Does that have an impact? Why should it?

(I use Podlove 2.10.0 and Webplayer 4)

Did you disabled/removed the Podlove Web Player Plugin?

Funny thing is: It was never installed.

Do you have an example URL?

The landing page is to be found at

Ah, I see, there is a but in the episode.player implementation. In your case it’s trying to use the post_id of the current page instead of the episode.

Until I have a fix, you should be able to work around it by passing in the post id.

{{ episode.player({post_id:}) }}
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That’s what’s weird: It used to work like this for quite a time now, but it stopped working with 2.10.0. Thanks for the workaround, it works like a charm.

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