Welcome to the Podlove Community


This is a place for everybody interested in Podcasting and Podlove in particular to meet up and discuss every issue that comes to mind. The Podlove team is monitoring this space closely and ready to discuss plans, features, bugs, workarounds and share helpful workflows and other tips here.

You can find more information on the project itself on http://podlove.org and you find our technical documentation at http://docs.podlove.org.

If you have found a real bug or have significant technical difficulties that need a quick, defined response, consider open up a ticket on GitHub for the Podlove Publisher or Podlove Web Player. You need to create an account with GitHub if you don’t have one yet.

This system is based on Discourse. If you are not familiar with using it, please refer to their extensive documentation to get a grip on how to do things here.

We know we have a big german community too. If you feel more comfortable writing and discussing in Germany, you can use the Podlove category in the German Podcaster Forum Sendegate for your request too.


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