Where is my RSS feed?

Sorry for such a newbie question. I’ve installed and configured Podlove publisher. My episodes validate and can play: https://www.oregondot.org/moving-ahead-podcast - but the subscribe links lead to blank, and I don’t know where to point a feed validator.

I will need this to submit our podcast to providers like iTunes.

Couldn’t find anything in the documentation.


When you’re in your WordPress backend, see PodlovePodcast-Feeds. There you’ll find all podcast RSS feeds you have created.

I must be doing something wrong then. In the feed it is listed as https://www.oregondot.org/feed/mp3 - but there is nothing in that folder.

OK. Figured it out. There should NOT be a folder with the same name as your feed. Once I deleted that folder then I got my RSS. Thank you!

Yes, this will most likely cause some kind of conflict. I’m glad you got it working now.