Where is the slug? :(

Hey there! The new episode edit view looks great since the update - but the field for entering the slug name is gone, which makes it impossible to tell the system the name of the file when not uploading it directly. We now have to go into the mysql database every time and manuelly enter the value there. Can you tell me how I add the field again or add it back with the next update?

Thanks and keep up the great work!

Should be in the “Media Files” section :slight_smile:

Screenhot Firefox Developer Edition 2023-11-04 11.20.06@2x

Thanks, but I do not see that. Do I need to activate it somewhere? Checked everything and did not find it.

Oh I see, you are using the direct upload. I disabled the slug input in this case because it is filled in automatically based on the filename. So it is not necessary any more. But I will add it back in the next patch since it’s apparently not working reliably.

Yeah I have to upload via ftp because the word press file limit is too small and I can not fix that with my provider. Thank you!

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