Where to instal the RSS Feed from SoundCloud?

Hi , install the plug- Podlove on my website of wordpress , I 'm setting but can not find where to instal the RSS feed of my podcast in Soundcloud .
I’m confused because I find various places but which one is the one?

Hello! It’s a bit unclear, what exactly you want to do, but I think it can all be done without the Podlove Publisher. Can you please post the relevant URLs or screenshots?

Do you mean to set up an RSS feed for a SoundCloud account you already have? If so, please see here and here.

Or do you already have one and want to display it on your Podlove-powered WordPress site? If so, you could use a WP widget through the design settings. See the orange RSS icons on http://www.konscience.de/ for example. I generated those with:

<a href=".../feed/mp3/">
<img width="32" height="32" src=".../icons/rss-mp3.png" alt="MP3-Feed" title="MP3-Feed" />

etc. for each icon. The feeds I link to there are generated by Podlove, but one from SoundCloud works in the same way.

Hope this helps.