White screen after last update


I’ve updated the publisher to the newest version this morning and after that wordpress only showed a white screen.

I’ve removed the plugin from the folder at my server to proof that it’s indeed a problem of the publisher. Unfortunally it is.

So my questions are:

Do you know this problem? Is it a single issue, because something went wrong during the update process? Or is there a reported bug?

And espacially: Is there any other chance for me to make the plugin run again other than a new installation?

Thank your for your hlep


Do you remember which Publisher version you had before the update? Then you can download it here: https://wordpress.org/plugins/podlove-podcasting-plugin-for-wordpress/developers/

And do you have access to the PHP error log? It will contain information that helps us find the issue.

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Hi, because I usually do the updates the day before a new episode, I’m pretty sure that I had the second last version. Unfortunally I don’t have access to the PHP error log, but I’ve talked to my providers support. And as far as I see it, there was some kind of server hickup during the update process, which lead to the failure.

I already reinstalled the plugin in a bold move ¯_(ツ)_/¯ And everything looks fine so far. The plugin did even show most of the correct settings.

Only one thing is odd. There is no longer the contributor list at the front end. It is listed in the template and in the backend view of the episodes, but does not appear at the front end.

Do you have any clue, why?

Oh well, if the update didn’t update all files, no wonder hell broke lose :slight_smile: I always wonder why WordPress doesn’t use the same precautions for updating plugins like they do for installing them. Because if you install a plugin that creates a white screen, they WordPress detects it and refuses to install.

  • Is the contributors module on?
  • Is any warning at the top of Podlove Dashboard?
  • How do you integrate the contributors / which shortcode?
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There are no warnings at the dashboard, the module is on and I used this shortcode:

[podlove-episode-contributor-list flattr=“yes”]

but tried [podlove-episode-contributor-list] aswell.

You can try the Podlove > Support > Repair-Button but I think I can only really help if you get access to the PHP error log.