Wordpress Playlist

I have the WordPress plugins installed for the feed and the player. I have two episodes in there. They have their separate episode pages that were made that work just fine. However, I’m trying to create a single landing page with the player and playlist. I have switched to the podigee player, but for the life of me can’t figure out with the podigee or podlove player how to get it to have a playlist of episodes.

Could someone shoot me basic code or if it is in how to could you shoot me the link?

[podlove-episode-web-player] results in nothing ever loading. I have to use the embed link from the episodes.

Podigee as well as the Podlove Player are both focused on single episodes. As far as I know (at least for Podlove Web Player) playlist aren’t part of the concept. Anyways, Podlove Web Player v4 provides a powerful API so if the need raises we could potentially implement it.

That’s right. The Podlove Web Player currently does not have a “playlist” feature (which translate to multiple episodes being presented in a single player). We have considered this but so far not included in the concept.

However we’d love to hear about the possible use cases for such a feature. If interest is high, we might reconsider the design.

I am running my church’s website and we are starting podcasting. I’m utilizing your guys great plugin within wordpress. The rss feed works great and I’m able to register different devices to that feed. I have the bandwidth and storage on my website in order to handle the podcasts right from the site. It would just be nice to have a player on a single page to be able to play the podcasts. Kind of what they see with a podcast app. I know that the podigee player has the capability of it. They have it on their website, however I think there is backend code that needs to get manipulated for it. I’m still waiting to hear back from them. Playlists I would think would be more common then just single episodes.

How do people set it up now? Is it just a page of multiple players? or a page of links to the different episode pages? I would think one player with multiple episodes would be the best option. I’m dreaming but searching tags on episodes would be sick too. So say you had a special speaker and they spoke 3 times in 200 episodes. You search that person “contributor” and their 3 episodes come up to play.

Thank you guys for your quick response.