WP Plugin updates every day and night

We have Podlove Web Player 5.3.1 installed on our website.
For some unknown reasons, Podlove Web Player 5.4.4 does not work properly (the player does not display at all). That’s why we want to keep version 5.3.1 but, since a couple of weeks, every night at 02:13 and every day at 14:13, our system updates the plugin to the latest version even if the plugin automatic updates are disabled. Everyday, I must replace this unexpected update by an old copy of the plugin. Do you know how to prevent auto updates for Podlove Web Player? Some help and any ideas are welcome!



I can’t help you disabling the auto update for the whole instance. But I could investigate why 5.4.4 doesn’t work in your wordpress configuration.

Thanks for the quick answer.
We have a staging website with a similar situation. When we update Podlove Player, it disappears: https://floatmagazine.hostpress.me/leute/float-originals-bootsmessen-in-zeiten-von-corona

(We can give you an access to our admin if needed)

Ah ok already discovered something. How do you insert the player? It looks like the gutenberg block if I’m not totally wrong.

Nope! We don’t use Gutenberg blocks but the classic editor. :grinning:

Capture d’écran 2020-12-14 à 10.41.00

Can you verify if the error still occurs in Web Player v5.4.5?

Yes, of course.

Podlove Player is up to date it sill does not show. I can also see this error message in Chrome:
Capture d’écran 2020-12-16 à 18.36.58

I don’t have an idea why it shouldn’t work. Since this is the first occurrence of this kind of issue could you list the plugins you have enabled on the instance?


We currently have 4 essential plugins (+ Podlove Player)

  • Advanced Custom Fields PRO 5.9.3
  • Co-Authors Plus 3.4.3
  • Multiple Post Thumbnails 1.7
  • WP User Avatar 2.2.8

I deactivated the other (non-essential- plugins.

WordPress is up to date (5.6) and we use PHP 7.4.

Thanks again for helping us. :slightly_smiling_face: