Youtube-dl support for podlove


I’d like to download my favourite podcasts with youtube-dl, which happen to be published with podlove publisher or the standalone podlove player.

I want to do this as broadly usable as possible. I looked around of some of the more well-known podcasts and they are all accessing a JSON file describing the episode (example).

But there are other podcasts, which are doing this somehow using the player only, but with inline JSON (Example: Was Wichtig ist Podcast).

And again, some other Podcast seems to be using html tags only.

Is there a better way of:

a) Detecting that a website is displaying the podlove publisher or player instead of looking for a HTML tag with the id “podloveplayer_*”?

b) Determining the content details the one right way™, or: Where can I find a defined set of how to feed the player/publisher with content?

Kind regards and thanks a lot!


The player accepts configuration as url and as an object. So that really depends on the site specific implementation. I would suggest not to use the player as a file reference and instead try to analyse the available meta tags:


It looks like the player has far more options than a generic downloader could easly fetch. The meta-tag is not always used, but seems to be the sanest option. But I might focus on the publisher for now.

Thank you!