API: Update episode with no effect

My goal is with Integromat to fully automate the process from Zoom recording via Auphonic to publishing the podcast episode on WordPress. The last missing (still manual) steps of this process are to enter the podlove slug (“Slug von Mediendatei der Episode”) and then to deselect the assets which are not needed because all are enabled by default.

The Integromat-Plugin on WordPress can include the custom metadata API fields “_podlove_meta_slug” and “_podlove_meta[slug]” but their values are null when I make a GET request of an existing WP post although the slug field is filled in the podlove admin GUI. Adding these metadata fields when creating a WP post also has no effect (whereas adding e.g. a value of _auphonic_production to the WP post metadata works as expected). My impression (also from here: Access Podlove Publisher Database Attributes via the Wordpress API) is that this usage of the WP Rest API is currently not supported by podlove.

I, then, tried to add the slug with a PATCH request (like here: API Docs | Podlove Documentation) with a request body of `{“slug”: “<SLUG_VALUE>”} and received a 200 response but nothing changed which I verified in the WP podlove admin panel as well as with a GET request of the episode. I also tried to use a PUT request and different episode variables (like “subtitle”) also to no avail. Other requests work, e.g. the DELETE an episode request.

By updating the episode info via the v2 API I had hoped to at least avoid having to enter the media slug manually. I currently do not see a way to fully automate the (de)selection of the assets but if there is one I would be very happy to hear about it. Thanks!

Hi, thanks for tinkering with our API :slight_smile: We’re looking into it, seems like there is a bug when updating episode metadata.