[Bug] the embedding episodes player doesnt work after the last update


After updating to the latest version 2.7.24, embedding episodes doesn’t work anymore
The player always complains:
“Benötigte Informationen fehlen
Zum abspielen des Podcasts fehlen die Referenzen zu den Audiodateien.”
In the normal episode it will only work as expected if you copy the code out to embed it in no more.

An example:
the working episode: http://p2p-game.com/podcast/🎧-estateguru-zweitmarkt-late-defaults-und-der-leidige-xirr-im-interview-mit-kadri-akk

the embed player:

I hope I am right here in the forum or do I have to github`?
Otherwise somebody has an idea (should I downgrade / is that possible at all ?)
thanks for your help


same at our blog, but the problem doesn’t occur in Chrome (Mac), only Safari and Firefox

Website is https://opjueck.de/ueber-dieses-blog/op-jueck-zum-hoeren/




sorry for the late response. It seems like that the player doesn’t use the correct request URL. I think this is a bug in the Player, will investigate.


did you have time to take a closer look?
May I have some hope that a fix will come soon?
Or is there an idea for a workarround?
Thx a lot


Sorry, totally forgot to update this post. Yes the fix is in place. Make sure to update the embed codes so the url encoding works as expected.