Embedded PodLove player in Mastodon and other platforms

While browsing my Mastodon feed, a really sleek Podcast player came up, fully rendered and compact requiring only to click on the play button. I have not seen it since and I have been trying to duplicate the functionality.

Copying the iframe in the subscribe button to embed does not work. It will not render.

Other platforms like SoundCloud, if you post a link to a specific audio file, it will initially render to a video like representation with a play button in the center, when you click on that, a fully rendered Soundcloud player will appear within the Mastodon post.

When I post a Wordpress Podlove Blog Episode to Mastodon, all that is rendered is the Featured image linked to the URL and when clicked, it will open a new window for that Wordpress Post.

What I am trying to get to is either posting an episode directly or Posting the Wordpress Post and having the PodLove Player render inside the Mastodon post like described above.

Any guidance on this topic would be most appreciated.

This already works. It is a combination of Oembed and the player inline configuration. You can see an example here: Marcus Richter: "Alter Schwede. @indiefresse@podcasts.social neu a…" - Mastodon

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Hello. In response to “This already works” . . . No it does not. I went to the post you referenced . . . it does not embed into Mastodon . . . or at least not on my machine and in my browser, the player does not render. You had to click on the link, which then opens a totally new window outside of Mastodon… to the Podcast website . . . where you then have to take additional actions . . . . I have had to resort to using SoundCloud which renders within Mastodon . . .

Feel free to use the tool that works for you. Since this is related how the Podlove oEmbed integration works I can only point you to a currently working solution:
Screenshot 2023-01-01 at 12.20.35

Your above example looks marvelous. Why the player is rendering for you and not for me inside Mastodon remains a mystery. Again, I clicked the link you reference . . . and I am brought to the Mastodon post . . . but as you can see. . . the player is not rendered:

Screenshot 2023-01-01 at 10.27.15 AM

After multiple attempts… after searching for the post inside of Mastodon… instead of clicking on the link… I was able to get the Website to render inside of Mastodon . . . but still the player does not . . . confused . . .

Screenshot 2023-01-01 at 10.32.16 AM

I appreciate your help…

I do not see a player in that post either…

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I understand the idea, but apart from the technical issue I must ask: is anybody really going to listen to a full podcast in a timeline?

Anyways, for a very short clips, this might be nice. I doubt it’s going to just work in all of the many third party clients.

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Consider it from the marketing perspective… you want the player to render for the sound bite… any friction along the way is marketing friction… I totally agree that anyone who becomes a long term listener to a podcast will have it bookmarked in their favorite podcast player… the goal is to get them to that bookmark stage… to provide a door that is wide open… the more frictionless… the better… if YouTube can be totally frictionless in Mastodon . . . and it is . . . playing within Mastodon without ever leaving . . . then Podlove should as well… my two cents of sense…