FR about edge case with cover image import from Auphonic

If no Cover Image output is defined in the Auphonic production, using the Import Episode Metadata button in the Publisher populates the Episode Cover Art URL with I observed this behaviour to result in the cover image disappearing from the episode’s post and archive entry.

How about adding a warning for this case, or automatically checking if an image file with either the above FILENAME or with the Episode Media File Slug is in the Media Upload Location? IMHO, this would be the 2nd logical choice for users who forget to add the cover image output in their preset/production.

cc @auphonic

Some thoughts:
If you import metadata from Auphonic and no cover image is selected as output file, it will import to URL of the cover image on our servers, which is of course only visible for auphonic users and will be deleted after 21 days.
Maybe it would be good to import the images directly in podlove/wordpress so that you can use them directly …

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Do I understand correctly? I should always have the Cover Image configured as an Output File, even if it’s just the podcast cover for most of the episodes? Wouldn’t that make Podlove’s fallback from omitted episode cover to podcast cover redundant?

Some more thoughts, because of this other topic: What I essentially would like to ensure is that every file and every episode post have a cover image. Which should be the podcast’s logo, whenever I don’t define a special episode cover. I thought this can be achieved by configuring the podcast cover in both the Podlove’s Podcast Setting > Cover Art URL and Auphonic’s Presets > Cover Image. In case a special cover is used, I replace the Cover Image in Auphonic, and set it as an Output File. So far so good, or am I mistakenly assuming that Auphonic writes it into the audio files, format permitting?

If not, the issue I described in the orginal post still seems like a bug to me. In which scenario would anyone want use a temporary image file from as an episode cover? In case a podcast needs only few special episode covers, this even gets in the way of the main workflow: not changing any default, so that Podlove can fall back to the podcast cover.

Besides correcting this manually each time, or letting the same image be copied around over and over, I could imagine that either the PPP implements some kind of ignore rule for that temporary URL, or Auphonic doesn’t serve it.

@ericteubert @auphonic This problem is still occuring in Podlove v2.3 and it is causing the feed validation to fail.

I guess I need to add a special case for temporary production episode cover files and download them to the WordPress media library; then use a link to the downloaded image instead.

Or at least not copying the temporary URL. Then at least you don’t have a faulty configuration and it’s more obvious that you have to add the image URL to WordPress.

I’d prefer the latter idea as the default :blush: