[Help] Podlove Template widget

Hi, I would like to have a widget on the Header my website, what will show the webplayer with the latest episode that was published.

Unless there’s an easier way (and I haven’t found it) I tried to use the Podlove Template widget which rendered the webplayer and for my surprise, the latest episode.

after some playing around, I just realised that the widget is actually displaying the most relevant episode on the current page (or something like that), since it shows the last episode when I’m on my home page (which shows the latest posts) but when I’m on a given episode page, it shows that episode instead. In addition, if I’m on the homepage (as before) and the last post is not an episode, the widget/template is not displayed.

Is there any way to make this or so some way to show the latest in a widget?

Many thanks in advance,

  • Miguel

Can you post the template you have so far?

I figured it out !! (yey to me)

I was able to do it like this:

{{ podcast.episodes({'orderby': 'publicationDate', 'order': 'DESC', 'limit': 1 })[0].player }}

However, I think it would be interesting if the Podcast had some property that would get automatically last episode. Something like podcast.episodes.last

(This is a suggestion to make it more user friendly)

Many thanks

In case someone stumbles over this, here’s an up-to-date tutorial: [Tutorial] Show Player for latest Episode