Implementation of regression (prototype)


I implemented the regression for Podlove Publisher, as discussed in the previous thread Comparing episodes is difficult.
It’s a 1st prototype and not meant to be stable, mature and production-ready, although to tried best.

The whole code is found in a single file (regression.php) and the call has to be added to the analytics.php (see the commit on Github).

I did not file a pull request yet since I struggled a little bit with selecting the data from database since I’m not really into the PPP code internals. A Podlove developer should have a look at the class PodloveRegression (at the end of regression.php).


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Hey Bernhard, this looks great!

I think we need the chart on a “latest episode” ordering just as the “Downloads” bar chart.

And it would be great to get the regression on the episode level, so we can compare the “performance” for each episodes.

Best, Fabian

  • latestet 25 episodes shown (regression calculation over all episodes)
  • showing episode name when hovering over bars


What do you mean with “regression on episode level”?

The latest version is found in this branch of my repo:

So you can see the performance for a specific episode in comparison to the other episodes , f.e. on the episode level or in the episode analytics list table.

But this is exactly what the diagram does. Each bar is one episode. If the bar is above the yellow line it performs better, if it is below it performs worse.