Insert Podcast to normal blog post


is there an simple way to insert an published Podcast to an other Blogpost?

At this time i publish an Blog with an CD-Review (as “Text”), the same as Podcast and as an Youtube Video.

Now i would like to insert the Player from the published Podcast to the Reviewpage. For that i must type an very long “Shortcut” to get it.
is there an easy way? Like [ podlove-player episodeXX or episode=PODCASTNAME ] or so…

If not, will it be in the Future?

Thanks a lot

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There is no easy way right now. However, we are working on a new version of the Web Player that will be embeddable anywhere just like a YouTube video. But I can’t tell you when it will be available yet.

Ist das inzwischen möglich?

ja das ist es… du knast das genau so einbetten mit demn einbetten code oder den shortcode verwenden

Danke, habs inzwischen auch hier gefunden: Single Episode in the Webplayer

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