Single Episode in the Webplayer


i want to put 1 Podcast episode on pages for Content reason. But how can i select a spefic Epsiode
and have it in the Webplayer ? The only thing i found so far is only to show the " lastes" episode.
Is there a shortcode for select a mp3 file by name or something ?

Version 2.7 will allow you to insert one specific episode via shortcode. 2.7 is already available as a beta, in case you can‘t wait.

You can find the beta here:


What is the shortcode? I can’t find it in the beta documentation how to specify an episode.

I’ve found it for you in the video of the latest Subscribe 9 Podlove Publisher workshop, done by @ericteubert :

With ‘post_id’ you can embed episodes on any page, for example [podlove-web-player post_id="1234"].

You can find the post ID in the URL of your browser when working on/within an episode.