Podlove Player 5 - related episodes feature

Dear player team,

I have been selecting “related episodes” while publishing new episodes in the Podlove plugin for years and they are linked in the metadata of each blogpost and shownotes. That’s great. However, I have been missing the “show related episodes” in the webplayer for years. You can select to add the “related episodes” tab in the player. But then you can only select to display in that tab either all episodes of the podcast or all epsiodes of a specific show (“Holgi feature”) - but not the carefully selected and hand-picked related episodes (specifically related to this very episode, the player is playing). I just wanted to give you a heads-up that we are (at least: I’m) missing this youtube-like (in a positive sense) feature. I still think this would be a helfpul feature for new listeners to discover new episodes, they are interessted in - not only on the podcast’s own websites, but espacially when the stumble upon a player embed on a third party website of a podcast, they didn’t even know existed.

Keep up your great work!


I’m having the same problem, I just left a question about it here: https://community.podlove.org/t/newbe-web-player-how-to-enable-related-episodes-tab/2781

Thank you so much!

I hope you were able to resolve the problem.


In my case, the problem is related in some way to the installation of the MasterStudy plugin. By specifically disabling this plugin, PodLove regains all its functions.