[Podlove Publisher] How to enable Chapter Marks


Chapter marks are an advanced feature for listeners many podcasters like to support. This video shows how to do that with Podlove Publisher.


Very nice!

Does manual entry allow for external links in chapter marks?

Yes, it does. Add the link after the chapter title, inside angle brackets, like this:

00:00:00.000 Intro <http://www.example.com>
00:01:23.000 Outro

Do you have a code-example how to insert chapter-images? I tried but only got it working via Json-Code in an custom Wordpress field or using Podlove Simple Chapters but not by using the “Chapter Marks” field in Wordpres

The “Chapter Marks” Format doesn’t support images.

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I use Podlove Publisher 2.8.6.

How can I insert all chapter marks all at once as shown in the video?

I only found the possibility to insert on chapter mark at once, but I have all copied from Hindenburg.

I think Hindenburg calls these “markers”. Is there any way to export them as text/file from Hindenburg? Podlove Publisher should be able to import all kinds of formats.

Hindenburg offers a .txt export.
Even easier: The Podlove Publisher can import chapters from Hindenburg project files.