[Podlove Publisher] How to enable Chapter Marks



Chapter marks are an advanced feature for listeners many podcasters like to support. This video shows how to do that with Podlove Publisher.

Guide: Chapter Marks | Publisher Weekly #4

Very nice!


Does manual entry allow for external links in chapter marks?


Yes, it does. Add the link after the chapter title, inside angle brackets, like this:

00:00:00.000 Intro <http://www.example.com>
00:01:23.000 Outro


Do you have a code-example how to insert chapter-images? I tried but only got it working via Json-Code in an custom Wordpress field or using Podlove Simple Chapters but not by using the “Chapter Marks” field in Wordpres


The “Chapter Marks” Format doesn’t support images.


I use Podlove Publisher 2.8.6.

How can I insert all chapter marks all at once as shown in the video?

I only found the possibility to insert on chapter mark at once, but I have all copied from Hindenburg.


I think Hindenburg calls these “markers”. Is there any way to export them as text/file from Hindenburg? Podlove Publisher should be able to import all kinds of formats.


Hindenburg offers a .txt export.
Even easier: The Podlove Publisher can import chapters from Hindenburg project files.