Release 3.0.0

Blog post:

Breaking Changes

  • requires PHP 7.0 (or newer)
  • requires WordPress 5.2 (or newer)
  • Web Player:
    • removes Podlove Web Player 2
    • removes Podlove Web Player 3
    • removes “insert player automatically” option (probably does not affect anyone as the web player is by default inserted via template)
    • removes “Chapters Visibility” option (use dedicated Web Player settings instead)

New Publisher PLUS


Publisher PLUS is a new service providing Feed Proxy and Podcast Subscriber statistics for Podlove Publisher.

To use it, enable the Publisher PLUS module, then visit to create an account.

Subscriber Statistics are only the beginning. Expect more features soon!

Experimental: Shownotes

Generate and manage episode show notes. Helps you provide rich metadata for URLs. Full support for Publisher Templates.

This module is a work-in-progress. But it’s usable, so feel free to give it a try, especially if your shownotes are link-heavy and you’re comfortable writing Podlove (Twig) templates.

The module is currently hidden. Make it visible by setting a PHP constant, for example in your wp-config.php: define('PODLOVE_MODULE_SHOWNOTES_VISBLE', true);.

Use this template as a starting point:


  • podlove-episode-contributor-list
    • new design
    • renders text-only in RSS feed
  • podlove-podcast-contributor-list
    • new design
  • podlove-episode-downloads
    • the text link variant is now the default style


  • remove Bitlove module (service does not exist any more)
  • remove Flattr module
  • remove “Website Protocol” setting (not necessary any more as Let’s Encrypt is widely supported)
  • enable episode chapters by default
  • convenience: “Copy to Clipboard” function for Podlove Template shortcodes
  • expose iTunes id/URL in podcast feed (#1078)
  • improve feed rendering: use XML generator for all tags with user input to guarantee valid feeds for all inputs
  • add function to remove a transcript from an episode (#1131)
  • add Steady as donation service
  • add template tag: episode.post_title (#1136)
  • add template tag: service.type (Replacing social icons)
  • add default avatar to transcript preview
  • fix: search logic (#1072)
  • fix: fetch Podlove News via https (#1037)
  • fix: don’t send Publisher logs to system log when WP_DEBUG is on (#1065)
  • fix: ensure uploads for webvtt (transcripts) and gz (exports) are allowed
  • fix: ensure contributors module is active when transcripts are used
  • fix: ensure permissions in shownotes and transcripts APIs
  • fix: don’t count download requests with http range header of bytes=0-0 (#1135)
  • update dependencies
  • build releases with GitHub Actions (in favour of TravisCI)