Release 4.0

Podlove Publisher 4.0 is here, bringing a spring-clean (in November!) of the episode page. We tore up the foundation to bring you an all-new user interface.

Warning: PHP 8.0 and above is now required!


  • Episode Form User Interface is modernised and auto-saves, so no work is ever lost.
  • Auphonic module includes Multitrack Support.
  • New Contributors can be added without leaving the episode page.
  • Chapters support images.
  • REST API V2 is now, including many more endpoints. See the API documentation for all the details.


  • file “slug” field is prefixed with the media location so it’s more obvious what it is used for
  • episode duration is always auto-detected and not an input field any more
  • Auphonic Preset can be selected directly in the episode and does not rely on global module setting any more
  • removed module “Twitter Card Integration” (RIP). By the way, if you want to follow us on social media, find us here: Podlove ( - Fosstodon
  • fix various PHP notices and warnings to be PHP 8.0+ compatible

Announcement on our Blog:

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I upgraded my Podlove Publisher to 4.0 and now none of my podcast player episodes show up, I just have “default” (the name of my Podlove Publisher episode template) showing up at the top of each episode post. I also started a new support thread about this.

I’m hoping a simple fix is available! If you have ideas or suggestions please let me know. :slight_smile:

Very excited about the 4.0 release. Thank you for all the work you do.