[SOLVED] How to improve unkind looking of Summary?

You guys know the Summary which can be provided for every episode.
However if I put some details in there, it is displayed at the listener’s podcast-app in a very unpleasant, very unkind way of looking. It looks like even newlines are removed. The complete text is squeezed into one paragraph. Other podcasts have neat lists, bold/italic characters, links, etc. inside.

What can I do to enhance my summary view?

As far as I know, the text in the summary-box hast to and will be plaintext - so no links etc.
However, you can slightly format that box itself in your template (eg. justification).

But how to insert links?
You have to include the HTML content (and with it all the links) of your episode-post (the upper, big textbox) into the feed. This can be done in the podlove options.

If needed, I can add more detailed instructions when I’m at home later today.

Thank you Joey, would be a great help.

In the meantime:
Could you please tell us what your episode post and the shownotes/summary in the podcatcher (these two can be different things) should look like? Then we can tell you how to achieve it.

Are you yet familiar with Podlove templates?

I’ll start with this:

  • HTML in Shownotes:
    Podlove -> Podcast Feeds -> Choose your feeds -> Include HTML Content (has to be ticked)

  • About Podlove templates

I have two feeds established.
For one I’ve now ticked the “Include HTML Content” and the feed now contains HTML-code. However, it simply contains the whole show-notes as summary. And I remember that was the reason I disabled ‘Include HTML Content’ months before. It’s far too much text in the show-notes to be provided as summary.

From my perspective I expect the show-notes for every episode be visible if you visit the episode using a web-browser. For any podcast-catcher I expect the summary to be taken. Maybe I’m wrong here.

Ah, and yes, I’m already now using some templates for the displaying my episodes on the dedicated episode-page.

Well that’s exactly what you get when you disable the “Include HTML Content” flag.

For further discussion, please include links. Thanks.

[quote=“GeorgLohrer, post:5, topic:510”]
It’s far too much text in the show-notes to be provided as summary.
[/quote]I thought the same a while ago. Then I started playing around with templates. If you don’t want to use all of the template in the feed (~ in the summary in within the podcatcher) you can limit this in the template with commands like eg. {% if not is_feed() %} {% endif %}

I honestly don’t know how to just pick certain parts of the blogpost and insert it in the feed/summary. Usually the whole thing gets taken.

Hi Tim, thank you for your response and confirmation.

In fact I wanted to have a more pleasant looking summary. If I compose the summary, even newlines are removed and everything is squeezed into one paragraph. How can I provide a summary having lists, links, formats, etc. inside?

The requested links:

Joey, it would be no problem to compose the summary manually. I’ve to do that anyway. But I would like to have all the formatting enabled I see anyway if I have ‘Include HTML Content’ enabled.

You can’t. The “summary” field is a text-only field (and not by accident). The “show notes” are usually what is put in the “content”. If you want to limit the information in the feed you can exclude it as explained above by @Joey

Thanks for clarification. Then I can stop for searching a better way to do it.

Weh have a similar problem. We want only the summary to appear in iTunes. The “Beitrag” portion of the Post should only appear on the page. Any clous?

On a side note: iTunes does that in some places.

If you want to exclude everything and only deliver the summary, you need to untick Podlove -> Podcast Feeds -> Choose your feeds -> Include HTML Content.

That I did.

Still when checking the RSS link in my browser and reading through the source I see the content of the Post in the <content:encoded> full post and the summary is in the <itunes:summary> summary

So it would need to be <content:encoded> summary and in the summary <itunes:summary> summary

I also deleted the cache and tried the repairs options under expert.
Do I need to use the podlove templates?

I shall wait until iTunes updates the RSS and get back to this topic.

Thank you.