Static image not diplaying on Player 5

Hello all !

Since few month, images are not displayed on webPlayer 5… I’ve tried to clean cache, but nothing better.
These images were correctly shown, never moved, always static.
Really weird.

If you want to see, they are supposed to be on the left of the Player:

Thanks for your help :wink:

Hmm seems like the image doesn’t exist:

Can you try to refresh the publisher cache?

Yes, I’ve done that 2-3 times…
but I’ve just noticed that images that should be displayed are resized inside WP (downsized to be more precise)
and in the debug log, I have a bunch of this message:

Podlove Image Cache: Unable to resize.

What should I do ?
Resize images before uploading them ?
or waiting for a fix ?
or another solution ?


Maybe this is worth a try to debug:

I’ll try this :wink:

If it doesn’t work, I’ll upload different size of images and not resize them inside WP


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I have the same problem since Player 5. The Podcast Logo isn’t displayed - neither in the player nor in the subscribe button - anymore.
I’ve tested static and dynamic - but diverting from Static image not diplaying on Player 5 it is that statics can be displayed and dynamic cannot. So if I understand correctly the opposite of the described phenomenon.

The website tries to call this address for the image:

While this is the static one it should use:

Maybe this gives a hint about the origin of the problem?