Translating Podlove player


I’ve searched the web and the forums, but it didn’t help.

How do I start a new translation. Specifically Czech.

In templates only the play button can be overwritten/translated.

But other terms can’t be translated. ( Chapters, Files, Share episode,…)

/player/lang/de.json, en.json and so on - no such structure exists on the server.

Localization | Podlove Documentation - ???

How do I create a new translation. Specifically Czech.

Thank you for an otherwise great plugin.


Hey Zwooky,

localisation can be found here: podlove-ui/apps/player/lang at development · podlove/podlove-ui · GitHub Feel free to contribute Czech and I will create a release to publish it :slight_smile:

Hi, there it is :slight_smile:
cs.txt (6.4 KB)


Hi, is it ok? Czech traslation by Euroclean · Pull Request #1089 · podlove/podlove-ui · GitHub

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I released the czech translation with Version 5.12.0 of the Player and in the Wordpress Plugin 5.7.0