V4: Download Link -> Save as

Hi there,
I am trying to set up the new Web Player v4 on my bilingual Podcast +1C@fé (https://mais1cafe.org).

The Download Link is not working as desired. The download link opens the mp3 within the player but does not prompt a “Save As” Dialog.

The very same browser does although open the desired dialog on:

What can I do?

PS: I ve contacted my hoster because “open_basedir” is not empty. I hope this will solve the issues I ve got with displaying the episode image in the player.

I think that could be related to the mime type that is sent by your server for ogg and mp3 files. Actually it seems like your server sends a mime type for audio files that is interpreted from the browser as audio files. But there is a link attribute that can enforce the wanted behaviour. I created an issue for this: https://github.com/podlove/podlove-web-player/issues/502

Please see [Podlove Publisher] How to enable Force Downloads & Fix Mime Types