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Publisher Weekly This category contains articles published in the <a href="http://publisher.podlove.org/publisher-weekly/">Publisher Weekly Newsletter</a>. Feel free to leave feedback and comments in the articles. Podlove Publisher Releases Changelogs for Podlove Publisher Releases will be posted in this category. Feel free to discuss problems and workarounds you have found with this release or ask about how to activate or implement certain new features. Podlove Templates This category is the appropriate place to discuss issues around Podlove Templates, a feature builtin to Podlove Publisher enabling sophisticated customization of episode posts, pages and feed customization. Analytics Share your thoughts, requests, ideas and/or problems with the Analytics feature of Podlove Publisher in this category.
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Get professional support so you can concentrate on what you’re best at: podcasting. Get answers to your questions from the plugin developer in a private ticket support system. English and German. Please visit http://…

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